Recruitment – join our Cornwall and Devon teams

Thank you for your interest in working for our company. We are always open to applications from the right candidates to join our bank in both our Cornwall and Devon teams. 

Across our teams, we have a variety of shifts available and require staff for both ad hoc work and scheduled shifts on the ambulance. 


What do we pay?

We offer pay rates of £14+ (£19+ for any anti-social hours), as we recognise that the right people are worth investing in and people’s quality of life outside of work is important.


What qualifications are needed?

Qualifications are not essential for our Therapeutic Transporter roles. We appreciate academia is not for everyone or that people may have had tricky starts to life. Life experience, calmness, kindness, and team work are more important to us.

A driving licence is handy but not essential. Compassion and good people skills are our only non-negotiables!

 We are also always open for recruitment to Registered Clinicians for our Clinical Lead roles. This includes all Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. We recognise the value of transferable clinical and leadership skills.


Caring for our staff

It is our highest priority to care for our staff. We work on the assumption that if we look after our staff, they will look after our patients. We therefore offer a variety of staff benefits including:

  • specialist training
  • pension
  • holiday pay
  • access to specialist supervision and reflective practice. 

As a company, we strive to create and maintain a caring and transparent culture. Our staff feel comfortable with being a part of the decision making and development of the service.

We want to be flexible and pragmatic employers and hope to fit alongside other work and personal commitments.

Please send us a CV if you are interested in working with us or drop us a line to have a further chat to think about whether we are a good match for one another. 


Recruitment – join our Cornwall and Devon teams